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Splashdown Waterpark Quaywest-Goodrington

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    Splashdown Waterpark Quaywest-Goodrington

    Summer Holiday Adventures

    Finally some proper sunshine during the summer holidays. My children started badgering us to go to Splashdown Quaywest Waterpark.

    My summers were spent at the park likewise for my other half. He filled the kids with the stories of mischief he used to get up too. I recalled how we would spend most of the day trying to pluck up the courage to descend the devils’ drop.

    So last Sunday with two super excited children we descended on the waterpark. The first thing that struck me was how well organised it was. Plenty of lockers which costed 20p but you will need to take a few if your planning on going back for anything as it is non-refundable. There were lifeguards on every station at the top and bottom of the slides.

    The park looks almost tropical filled with palms and blooms and plenty of seating and sunbathing areas. It was busy but because of the wristband system and the efficient use of space, it didn’t feel overcrowded. I noted my children age 10 and 9 seemed completely in awe and a little overwhelmed at the start. They soon got stuck into it.

    The Slides

    We went on the Raging rapids first, 2nd insiders tip, take your own rubber ring if you don’t want to waste time queuing. Although again a well-organised system insured we queued only for 5 mins. All the slides have a red and green light system and off we went one after the other the great thing about these slides is that they are a series of small slides into a small splash tub station where you then descend to go down to the next one. This is particularly great fun as you really get to enjoy the slide together. Next up we decided to give the different mat slides a go I went on the gentler on first with my daughter whilst the other two went on the faster wilder one. Each one has twists and turns as you go whizzing down.

    Pit Stop

    Us oldies then decided to grab a coffee break, our children being competent swimmers went up and down the slides like yoyos. They had great fun and didn’t have to wait for us, they even made some friends in the main pool. We had peace of mind knowing that the waterpark was fully lifeguarded and not too large too let them run free. We had a look at food shack with perfect offerings of  Burgers and chips. Perfect for fuelling up after going up and down the slides the burgers were HUGE. The view from the cafe was phenomenal, the ocean on one side waterpark on the other. You can even get a meal deal to add on to your pass which seems like good value for your money and perfect for fuelling up.

    Carry On Sliding

    We soon joined up again to tales of their adventures. My son professing to have descended the Devils drop a tale we were a little dubious of considering the boy seemed rather reluctant to descend it again. From my memory like Pringles once you pop you can’t stop, It did make us chuckle though.

    We all decided to have another go on the tyre slide Surf Lagoon. It was great fun pushing the kids down the next slide without warning there faces a picture. The next couple of hours were jam-packed with fun! Whizzing down the slides, splashing around in the pool and a well-needed ice-cream pit stop. With 8 slides and two pools, there is never a dull moment!

    All the staff were lovely and we had an amazing day the only trouble is the kids already want to go back.

    Visit their website for more information and to book online PLEASE CLICK HERE